Twin Room with Balcony

The private balcony offers views of the garden. Up to 1 extra bed is possible in this room.

1 person: €64.-
2 people: €69.-
3 people: €84.-

14 m²
View of the garden

Family Room

The family room has 2 separate bedrooms.

From a reservation for 3 people you have access to both rooms. 1 bedroom has 1 double bed. The 2nd bedroom has twin beds. The rooms each have their own access to the corridor. In addition, the bedrooms are interconnected via a connecting door. If a reservation is made for 5 people, an extra bed will be placed in one of the rooms. The bathroom, with a shower, sink and toilet, is situated opposite the room. There is also a separate second toilet for the family room available.

1 person: €64.-
2 people: €69.-
3 people: €95.-
4 people: €120.-
5 people: €135.-